About Me

About Me

Hello! I’m Capitol Hill Barbie, a souless-federal-employee-attorney turned beauty-blogger turned lobbyist turned stay-at-home-mom turned stay-at-home-mom-stuff-blogger. I used to call our Nation’s capital my home, but now I live in New York. Oh, and I just spent a year living in Pittsburgh where I had a baby girl. Got all that? Right, sorry. Perhaps we can chat…

So…huh? Lawyer turned blogger?

After graduating from law school in 2005 and taking a job in legislative affairs at a federal agency, I found myself bored to tears answering handwritten letters from senior citizens complaining about “use by” dates on canned goods and looking for a creative outlet. So, I took my lifelong obsession with beauty and fashion products and started a blog, Capitol Hill Barbie.

Riiiight! I thought you had another blog…why beauty and fashion?

Well, I picked up my first magazine (Seventeen, natch) in middle school and promptly became enthralled by the idea of makeup. It didn’t help that I had somewhat crunchy granola parents who were NOT into the idea of me buying Bonne Bell. I’ve been a lost cause ever since. I can spend an hour in the drugstore, I attended the opening of the first Sephora in New York, and the beauty blog was basically just a way to further my addiction.

What’s up with your moniker?

On my first day of work at my government office, I showed up in a black pencil skirt suit, button down shirt, pink cashmere sweater vest and high heels. Nice, right? I thought so. Apparently, I was waaayyyy overdressed. For those of you who don’t live in Washington, you show up wearing a Redskins jersey to a federal office and get a high five from your SES level boss. That day, I overheard two officemates at the Xerox machine call me “Capitol Hill Barbie.” I chose to take it as a compliment…plus, they totally stole it from Legally Blonde 2.

Why did you give up federal service?

Remember that boredom that led me to blogging in the first place? Well, it disappeared into a firestorm of hearings and congressional investigations and I eventually bailed for the private sector.


I sold out.

So, you lived in Pittsburgh? WTF?

I spent 8 years living and working/schooling in DC. I met my husband there (he’s a local!) and figured we would live out our days there. However, he’s a surgeon and had the opportunity to do advanced training for a year in Pittsburgh, which is pretty much a medical mecca. So, we packed up and headed to Steel City. Oh, but before that, I got pregnant.

How’s that going?

Well, it’s been pretty insane! As someone who never babysat or even changed a diaper before bringing home our daughter, I’ve gotten a crash course in all things baby. I mean, I’m surprised they let us out of the hospital with her. But we’ve settled in and that’s why this blog was born!

Ok, so what exactly is this blog about?

This blog focuses on my life now, after having a baby and trying to figure out my style, the baby’s style and everything in between. I plan on posting about fashion, food, baby stuff, parenting, pet peeves…you know…life.

Wow, so, you’re like a parenting expert and all around put-together mom!

Ha! No, seriously, HA!! Let’s be clear here. I am not any kind of expert on babies or parenting. I know only my own experience with my own baby, what I’ve read on the internet, what I’ve heard from other moms, and what our pediatrician has told us.

I am also a complete spaz when it comes to pretty much everything. Even my own infant looks at me like she can’t believe what a chucklehead she has for a mother.

Your baby sounds pretty smart, what else is she into?

Thanks! She’s a pretty cool little chick. In addition to being totally unimpressed by her parents, she loves chewing on her toes, Katy Perry and Pete Seeger at top volume, random strangers who tell her how cute she is, and this toy. Dislikes? Naps, tummy time, bottles.

Hold up, what was that about you living in New York now?

Yes! After a 10 year hiatus, I've moved back to my hometown, New York City. We are all pretty excited about it and have settled in on the Upper East Side.  I'm looking forward to exploring everything the city has to offer.  Just as soon as I figure out how to take the subway with a baby.
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