Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things and Stuff: An Update

These past few weeks are been certifiably nutso.

This past weekend, we saw both a snowstorm and balmy spring-like temperatures.  Unfortunately, I was horizontal on the couch for most of it finding out that I am, in fact, just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.  I'm still not really into food (this from someone who never loses her appetite, like, EVER), subsisting on a mini-bagel and a string cheese.  So, Reese is delighted by our new diet!

Last week was also kind of hectic in our neck of the woods because it was decision week for preschools.  Just to make the experience even more of a mindfuck (check out my guides to The Tour and The Playdate here!), preschools mail out decisions on the last day of February and give you a week to decide.  But! There is an extensive wait list process, so you can "scramble" and call every day to get off the wait list at your preferred school before you accept.  We were mercifully spared the whole nonsense because Reese was accepted to our first choice off the bat!  We celebrated with her (cookies) and without her (Scotch).

I've been going a little stir crazy since I was diagnosed with a strained hip flexor about six weeks ago and have been ordered to stay put and do physical therapy.  You know how you only want to do something that much more when someone tells you that you can't?  Because ohmygod I want to go running.  I finally got the go ahead to go for a long walk or light jog this week. Heavens open, angels sing, and then it rains and rains and rains.

I've been hoarding some J. Crew credit* and holding out for some good sale purchases when I finally saw it.  The Jaspe Scoopneck Popover.  In the FREAKING SALE SECTION.  I wish I could tell you how long I've been tracking this top, believing that it was simply sold out.  To make my week, it arrived in light speed.

I also succumbed to the Peter Pan collar trend and picked up this striped sweater.

*My sister will tell you that I am the worst at hoarding gift cards.  I really string them out over the year. I may even have some leftover from my wedding...which was five years ago.

Looking ahead, we're headed down to Washington this Friday.  Originally, it was so I could run the National Marathon.  And then it was so I could run the National Half Marathon.  Now, it's so I can collect my t-shirt and cheer for friends who are running and see my in-laws. The good news is that we get babysitting services! Where should we be spending an evening out in DC these days?

Meanwhile, I'll be resting on the couch and dreaming about being hungry for our new favorite brunch spot in New York...Jacob's Pickles.

Mmmm, chicken and pancakes....

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  1. Once again, we're leaving town as you come into town. I swear we're destined to never. ever. meet. Enjoy your DC weekend, and hope you feel better (gee, I was harboring thoughts of Devil Wears Prada weight loss strategies this week, too. It was AWful).


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