Friday, March 29, 2013

Naptime Reading List: Holiday Weekend Edition

It's been a good week.  The chill in the air has finally lifted here in New York and I don't think there are words for how happy that makes me.

(Seasonal affective disorder much?)

This weekend, we are heading up to my parents' country house for a spring holiday double header....belated Passover seder on Saturday and an Easter brunch-slash-egg-hunt on Sunday.  Bipartisanship at its best, amiright?  I've also gotten the go-ahead from my physical therapist to start running again (Internal squee!). I've done two short runs this week and I'm aiming for hitting up the Central Park Reservoir tomorrow morning.

So, here's what I've been enjoying around the web:

Raluca from What Would Gwyneth Do posted about taking kids out to eat, and I was nodding along to all of them.  I wish I had read this 18 months ago when we started taking Reese out to eat and I wouldn't have to had learned through trial and error.  I particularly endorse "the brunch option" and big groups.

Speaking of Ms. Paltrow, she just started plugging her new book, It's All Good. Look, I have a serious case of the eye rolls when it comes to her too, but every recipe I've made from her first book has been a keeper. I'll hate myself a little, but I'm totally going to buy it. She does have some freebie recipes in Goop and Self Magazine.

I also heard that one of my other favorite recipe scribes, Lucinda Scala Quinn, has a new book out called Mad Hungry Cravings. I might do a totally separate post on this, but Quinn is like an urban Ina Garten...minus the Hamptons Estate and instead of coterie of gay friends who always need help in the kitchen, she has four sons who she taught how to cook for themselves. Everything is delicious and pretty easy...and not twee.  I feel like food has gotten too twee and Pinteresty lately, I just want to eat!

I got a chance to do a little shopping with my sister last weekend and now I'm totally on the fence about adding this short sleeved chambray shirt to my wardrobe. It's already on backorder, which means it could be played out. On the other cute!

We probably all go to Capitol Hill Style site for great fashion advice, but she also posts on serious topics.  Today she addressed the issues around organ donation.  One of the most romantic moments with my husband was when he told me that if I needed it, he would donate a kidney to me. (We are a little weird...and the same blood type.) Seriously though, it's the greatest gift anyone can give, especially to a stranger.

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS.  Thug Kitchen.  I couldn't fall asleep last night because I was giggling like a moron after reading this.

See you on the flip side!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mixing it Up

There have been things going on that I haven't told you about.

Beauty things.

After a long term relationship with a tinted moisturizer, I've decided it was time to move on.  I heard rumors about it getting reformulated, and to be honest, I was just a little bored.  I got samples of several potential replacements and finally fell hard for the Bobbi Brown BB Cream with SPF 35.  It goes on smoothly and evenly, leaving a sheer coverage.  It's not heavy like a full foundation, but covers up a lot.  I can't really attest to any of the "BB" benefits, I just like the way it looks.

(I did try one heavier full-on foundation that I liked, but it's a little much for every day.)

New Beauty Stuff

While the foundation confession might be a little more shocking, I've also found a new favorite mascara in my neverending quest for perfection.  While I really liked Benefit's They're Real! mascara, I cannot resist picking up a new one (or three) when I'm reordering diapers and shampoo from and  They just make it too freaking easy.  TOO.  FREAKING. EASY.

So I bought the brand new Cover Girl Clump Crusher.  And, believe it or not, it does crush clumps.  The best part is the curved brush, which makes it really easy to apply the mascara, even in the corners of your eye.  I love that the brush really feels like it grips to the lashes and separates them with each stroke.  (If I sound like an ad here, it's only because I've been watching a lot of cosmetic commercials during Reese's naps.  They are just ON during those Law and Order: SVU marathons.  And I like the mascara.)

At first, I was worried it wouldn't make "enough" lashes, since a few strokes just leaves a nice daytime natural look, but more strokes build to a pretty nice darkness and thickness.  I haven't tried layering with another brand, mostly because I'm a wuss, but I bet it would really help.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to order diapers and more mascara.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Television Obsession: The Americans

Do you ever find yourself sitting around thinking, "You know what would be awesome? A television series that combined the terrible fashions of the 80's, Cold War politics, and Felicity kicking someone's face in."

Well....someone obviously did.  And they came up with the newest television obsession in our household.

The Americans.

To be totally honest, my husband and I haven't been this mutually interested in television show in years.  (I gravitate towards junky reality shows and anything involving Mindy Kaling, while my husband will put on, literally, any sporting event.)  But every week, we look forward to watching The Americans every single week.

It's the story of KGB agents living undercover in Washington, D.C., as a married couple who also have to carry out spy missions for Russia.  Keri Russell is doing her damnedest to shed her Felicity image in some acid washed jeans and wigs.  It also has a major nostalgia factor with the DC setting and the leg warmer references, plus, my husband is a big Eastern Bloc buff and loves the incorporation of actual news footage and events into the plot.  It's awesome.

Plus, it's been picked up for another season already, so you don't have to get worried about getting emotionally attached to a show about to be cancelled. (Damn you, Pushing Daisies!)

The Americans airs on Wednesday nights at 10 PM.  Watch it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things and Stuff: An Update

These past few weeks are been certifiably nutso.

This past weekend, we saw both a snowstorm and balmy spring-like temperatures.  Unfortunately, I was horizontal on the couch for most of it finding out that I am, in fact, just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.  I'm still not really into food (this from someone who never loses her appetite, like, EVER), subsisting on a mini-bagel and a string cheese.  So, Reese is delighted by our new diet!

Last week was also kind of hectic in our neck of the woods because it was decision week for preschools.  Just to make the experience even more of a mindfuck (check out my guides to The Tour and The Playdate here!), preschools mail out decisions on the last day of February and give you a week to decide.  But! There is an extensive wait list process, so you can "scramble" and call every day to get off the wait list at your preferred school before you accept.  We were mercifully spared the whole nonsense because Reese was accepted to our first choice off the bat!  We celebrated with her (cookies) and without her (Scotch).

I've been going a little stir crazy since I was diagnosed with a strained hip flexor about six weeks ago and have been ordered to stay put and do physical therapy.  You know how you only want to do something that much more when someone tells you that you can't?  Because ohmygod I want to go running.  I finally got the go ahead to go for a long walk or light jog this week. Heavens open, angels sing, and then it rains and rains and rains.

I've been hoarding some J. Crew credit* and holding out for some good sale purchases when I finally saw it.  The Jaspe Scoopneck Popover.  In the FREAKING SALE SECTION.  I wish I could tell you how long I've been tracking this top, believing that it was simply sold out.  To make my week, it arrived in light speed.

I also succumbed to the Peter Pan collar trend and picked up this striped sweater.

*My sister will tell you that I am the worst at hoarding gift cards.  I really string them out over the year. I may even have some leftover from my wedding...which was five years ago.

Looking ahead, we're headed down to Washington this Friday.  Originally, it was so I could run the National Marathon.  And then it was so I could run the National Half Marathon.  Now, it's so I can collect my t-shirt and cheer for friends who are running and see my in-laws. The good news is that we get babysitting services! Where should we be spending an evening out in DC these days?

Meanwhile, I'll be resting on the couch and dreaming about being hungry for our new favorite brunch spot in New York...Jacob's Pickles.

Mmmm, chicken and pancakes....

Stepping Into Spring

Even though there is a massive storm front moving up the East Coast as I type, I'm dreaming about spring temps, floaty skirts, and sandals.

So, today, when I saw that Sarah from Note to Self had posted these super adorable pink Sorrento sandals from Boden, I clicked over instantly.  I'm used to browsing the Boden catalog for kids clothes, but I've never really looked at the adult offerings.  I was fairly shocked to find a slew of cute flat sandals and low wedges available in reasonable prices.

Stepping Into Spring

Stepping Into Spring by caphillbarbie featuring boden

clockwise from top left: T-bar Sandals, $88; Amalfi Heels, $94.40T-bar Demi Wedges, $98; Sorrento Sandals, $88. pair of heels wouldn't kill me...

I'm really into the pinky-peachy-reds as an addition for spring.  It feels fresh and pretty and just bright enough not to match anything, meaning it will go with anything.  

My only concern is the quality of the shoes.  I've never tried any Boden shoes in person, has anyone else?  
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