Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Baby Boomlet

Yesterday, I got a frantic text message from my sister asking me why I was pinning so many images of pregnant women on Pinterest.  I was able to hand Reese a snack trap full of animal crackers and text her right back that I was 100% NOT PREGNANT.

But I do have maternity fashion on the brain.

You see, a full million and six of my friends are pregnant.  And lo and behold, all of them are due this summer.  One of my friends who is pregnant for the first time, couldn't even get an OB because they were already handling too many June and July births.

So, I've been dispensing shopping and fashion advice as fast as I can and looking at some super stylish pregnant ladies for inspiration.

One look in particular that I love love love is Charlotte from the Fashion Guitar.

The combo of the chunky sweater and the flowy maxi would work at so many stages of pregnancy, including the not at all pregnant.  I'd probably go with this Enza Costa blush colored number and an oversized knit like this one from Zara.

If the Enza Costa is out of budget (it's probably out of mine) you could try this Asos number with an elastic waist and tuck it under your bump,  or for this Splendid maxi dress and layer over it, the stretchy material would work well during pregnancy.

 I'd pair it with ankle boots in the winter and then switch over to a tee, cardigan, flat shoe and a cool army green jacket in the spring, then go for broke and just wear sandals and a tank until due date.  Plus, the skirt will work post-partum, since you can still wear it with a nursing tee or tank.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some other family members to NOT expect an announcement any time soon, and some more chic mama pinning.  Follow me over here if you also expecting a summer baby and are looking for a little fashion inspiration.

P.S. The Hatch Collection is offering 20% off through Valentine's Day on everything (not sure if it includes sale though) if someone owes you a Valentine's Day present or if you are planning on getting knocked up tomorrow.

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  1. For. realz. Everyone I know is pregnant. And I live very, very far away from you. So it's a national epidemic. ;)


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