Thursday, January 3, 2013

Be It Resolved, Again


That was one hell of a holiday.  I really mean it.  Between traveling, family illnesses, a thousand Kay Jewelers ads, retirings, present giving and one pulled muscle, I am officially ready to move into the new year.

As I've mentioned before, I actually like making resolutions.  And looking back on my post from last year, I think I made some good ones.  Ones I would like to continue to work on.  So, I thought I'd go over how I did on my resolutions and what I'd like to do this year to improve on them.

Last year, I focused on being healthier.  This year, I want improve the quality of my life.

Exercise.  I started 2012 hoping to just get to the gym three times a week.  I ended up training for a marathon. I'd say kept that one.  I definitely felt as though having a goal kept me honest (more like scared straight) and feel that I need that kind of motivation going forward.  Exercising made me happy, gave me time alone to think, gave my husband a chance to spend some quality time with Reese.  For 2013, I would like to actually run a marathon.  I'm signed up for the National Marathon in DC in March, but I think a tweaked muscle might keep me to the half.  I do have guaranteed entry to NYC this year after the cancellation and I'm planning on doing it.

Eat Better.  Last year, I just resolved to eat better, especially in front of Reese.  We joined a CSA farm share program over the summer which was pretty much amazing.  Even though my not-so-secret yuppie locavore dreams of Reese snarfing down kale and celery root and any other vegetable didn't come true and I ended the season with about 4 pounds of rotting beets in my fridge (so many beets), it was a lot of fun.  Reese tried a ton of things, we ate more salad than ever before, we fed family and friends and we are planning on signing up again this summer.  For this coming year, I would like to try to do something similar and get higher quality meats for our meals and have at least one dinner a week together as a family.  Reese is finally old enough to use real cutlery and seems to really enjoy sitting down at the table with the adults.  Maybe revive the Sunday dinner tradition?

Get Out.  Hey!  Did you know that spending all your time with a toddler attached to you is a recipe for total madness?  I guess I didn't until I started taking some time off this year and found that it makes life a lot easier.  I worked out a schedule where my mother spends one day a week with Reese and I get some free time and it's been a huge help.  I get to go shopping, take the stairs, go through revolving doors, etc.  It's fun.  I think going forward, I should try to plan those days a little better and meet friends without babies, get my hair cut, etc.  Packing a little more in might make those days feel better spent.  Also, this past year, my husband and I took a vacation without Reese.  It was pretty bizarre to not see her for a week, but also refreshing.  I think shorter breaks are in order for the future...coming up...girl's trip to Toronto with my sister!

Dress Better.  Now that we've passed the spit up on everything/grubby hands phase, I feel like I can finally start to wear nicer clothes.  I did try the outfit post thing, but it felt kind of strange.  Did people like them?  I feel that I am just not that photogenic, mostly because I'm too old for those crazy OOTD kids on Facebook (insert old-man voice and shaking fist at sky).  For the next year I want to focus on buying fewer clothes of higher quality.  I just read Elizabeth Cline's Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion and feel that impulse buying and trendy clothes are not the way to go.  (More on this book in another post.)

Work.  Yeah, this one is hard for me.  I'm still looking for the right job, or really, any job that I feel would make it worth going back to work.  I had some really close calls this year, including being passed over for one job that I was almost certain would have been perfect.  My heart is still in policy and government work, which is scarce to non-existent in New York.  On the upside, armed with my library card and New York's amazing ebooks program, I have been taking more time to read actual full length books!  Yes, there was the Hunger Games Trilogy and Gone Girl, but also some more literary type things.  Any recommendations are welcome.  For 2013, I haven't given up on finding a job, especially since Reese will start preschool in the fall and I really would like to get back into working.  Maybe my one holdover...

So...what about you all?  Any resolutions?  Things you think I should cover?  I promise one of my mini-resolutions will be to blog more...


  1. Well, I for one happen to like the outfit posts :) It's great for me to see what other moms are wearing and motivation for me to look a little better when I go out (yeah, just pretend I didn't wear my pajama top, jeans, covered by my nice winter coat, and a cap - hiding baby swim class hair - to the grocery store today)!

    I think you have some great resolutions, and I have some similair ones as well, eating better, moving more, running, so I will certainly be following you along this year!

  2. Ah yes, the "work" thing. You've summed it up perfectly. It has to be worth it. I too left DC and with it a job at the Capitol so there is no "real world" equivalent. Hopefully I can find something interesting with decent hours and decent benefits. 2013 should spit one of those out for me.


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