Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Playground Style: Essential Shoes for Fall

I have a lot of shoes in my closet.  The only problem is that most of them have not gotten a lot of wear in the past two years.  And as much as I miss my patent leather slingbacks, I'd say about six or seven pairs are really essential for every day and will carry me through the fall. These are the shoes that I'm wearing out constantly, go with everything, and hopefully add a little something to the every day outfit.

Essential Fall Shoes

1. The Casual shoe: Start at the very beginning.  This is going to be the go-to comfortable shoe for walking around, attending classes, etc.  You'll want a slip on shoe that can take every day wear and tear.  My choice is the Sperry Top Sider, but, as I described last year...some people fall into the TOMS camp.  That's cool, you can make your own decision.

2. The Loafer:  I actually debated calling this category "The Slipper" but decided that sounded a little too cutesy.  But basically, that's what these are, a take off of the Stubbs and Wooten classic slipper.  They were absolutely everywhere last year in New York and are making a go of it nationwide.  Good for them!  I have an animal print pair from Topshop that are very similar to these, but really like the embroidered Gap ones in the set above.

3. The Knee High Flat Boot:  Knee high flat boots are a staple of any wardrobe, but as a mother, they really prove their worth.  You can walk for miles, pushing a stroller, run around the playground, run errands, etc and still look good doing it.  It's a cliche for sure, but the fall mommy uniform is "sweater plus skinny jeans tucked into boots."  Don't mess with what's good for you.  Go for brown (don't be afraid to pair it with black) and don't skimp.  These Frye boots are killer cool and I have it on good authority that they last forever.

4. The Sneaker:  Here's something they don't tell you in "What to Expect...," you have to take your shoes off a lot when you have a child.  Many people require it for entrance into their home (there was a whole Sex and the City ep dedicated to it) and most music classes will ask you to go barefoot too.  So, ballet flats are not always an option, because trust me, your toes are not "music class ready."  Sneakers give you that perfect excuse to wear socks and look cool doing it.

5. The Red Flat:  Last fall, I looked into my closet and realized that 75% of everything I owned was black, navy, grey or brown.  Except my red flats.  For some reason, all my casual clothes end up in the neutral department. To avoid walking out the door looking like I'm joining some kind of throwback Soviet army where people don't brush their hair, I choose my red flats and voila! Outfit.

6. The Rain Shoe: Look, I love knee high rain boots as much as the next girl.  But those suckers get warm.  Like super hot.  And again, as a mother, there is the whole pulling off your wet rainboots outside your friends' door while your child gets antsier and antsier just knowing that there is a graham cracker on the other side of the door.  Unpleasant.  These little rainshoes are a cute alternative for the fall and spring rainy days when there's still a chance you could overheat on the walk to the grocery store.

Let's not get all silly and assume that it's all essentials and practicality over here.  To be sure, I did add something fun to the mix...


  1. Haha I have the Supergas, the Frye riding boots and the Madewell flats (although in royal blue) - and I'm 22 and very childless. Guess I'd fit in at the playground!

  2. I own the Sperrys and the LL Bean skimmers - and I'm 26 and childless (thanks Nicole!) It's never too early to get the right footwear...Now just gotta save up for those Fryes.

  3. Did you quit blogging? I visit this nearly every day hoping for an update--and nothing. It's been over a month!

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  6. If that's what you're going in, I wonder what kind of funky kids clothing your child will be wearing. I guess even in the playground, being stylish isn't a bad thing.


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