Saturday, August 25, 2012

Preparing for Fall: Draped Sweaters

Wednesdays have become my de facto "day off."  My mom takes Reese to her music class and I do my longest weekday run (more about that to come...), shower and spend a little time running errands, browsing around New York or catching up with a friend for lunch.

This past Wednesday, I was down in SoHo and decided to check out Dalaga NYC, this super cute boutique that started in Brooklyn but made the leap to Manhattan recently.  Which is nice for me, because getting to Brooklyn it's just...hard.

I mean, it's not.  But it is.  I'm lazy when it comes to the outer boroughs.

While in Dalaga I spied the cutest sweater.  CUTEST.  It was a soft thin knit, long enough to wear with leggings but not tunic length and draped perfectly.  Also, it's was under $100.  Obviously everyone else in New York liked it too because they only had ONE left and it was HUGE.  Crap on a cracker.

So, I did what anyone would do.  I googled.  And googled.  And emailed the brand (still waiting....)  And I cannot even find a picture to show you.  So, I pulled together a few other draped sweater options since I loved the look so much.  

Preparing for Fall: Draped Sweaters

I think they are perfect for fall since they can be easily worn with skinny pants and boots, over dresses and skirts, or with jeans and leggings.  (I might even consider wearing that last ASOS one backwards in a little Kriss Kross homage to get the look I want.)  The lightweight quality is key for the transitional weather, and you can layer under or over the sweater as it gets colder.

The owners of Dalaga graciously added me to the waitlist for a similar sweater coming in in a few weeks, but my heart still belongs to the one that got away.


  1. What a coincidence - caphillstyle also highlighted that airport greeting cardigan on Friday the 24th ( I ordered it as I thought it looked super comfortable.

  2. Oops! I should have credited Belle earlier! I had another one slated for this post but I saw that she pulled this one which was MUCH better. I've updated the post to reflect that I saw it there first. It's almost identical to one I saw in a window on Madison Ave recently. Let me know if you like it!


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