Friday, August 31, 2012

Planning for Fall: Short Flat Boots

I posted recently about my yen for a short bootie for fall.  But until a commenter asked for any recommendations for a short flat boot that isn't very motorcycle-esque for fall, I hadn't noticed that most of my choices included a heel.

And here's the thing.  I almost never wear heels these days.

I mean, I love heels.  LOVE.  And I have comfortable ones.  But I typically walk anywhere from 3-5 miles a day.  With a stroller.  And even when I'm not walking, I'm standing at the playground or walking on the grass in Central Park.  Not heel friendly.

So, dear reader, thank you for the reality check.  Flat boots are where it's at.

I've rounded up three styles of boot that do not seem at home on Dylan McKay, but are suited perfectly for fall weekend excursions or long strolls.

Planning for Fall: Short Flat Boots

Beatle Boots:  These are probably the dressiest of the three versions here.  The Beatle boot is sleek with a pointier toe and a low rise.  I think they look great with rolled up jeans or a maxi-skirt, but I think you might be able to get away with them and cropped skinny pants at a more casual office.  I actually just bought the Topshop pair in a grey (that doesn't seem to be online) that I am test driving for fall.

Work Boots:  I sort of lumped a bunch in this category of more "functional boots."  The Loeffler Randall rain bootie is a classic these days, especially since everyone and their sister has a pair of Hunters.  I love the army green and the lace up, but they make a sleeker version too.  Also, I like that you don't have to tuck in your pants in the rain with these, because OMG, that can get so hot.

The LL Bean boots bring back all kinds of high school nostalgia for me.  I think they have that urban-woodsman-cool vibe, even though the closest I get to the woods is the wood chips on the median on Park Avenue.  They are useful, well made, cool looking, and under $100.  It's like playing with house money.

The Clark's boot here is an American classic, like apple pie and manifest destiny.  It's definitely a look, what my sister would call "nerdbomber chic," that not everyone can pull off.  But if you can, rock out with your pocket protector out.

Loeffler Randall Rain Bootie / LL Bean Boots / Clark's Desert Boot

Chelsea Boots:  So, these are very similar to the Beatle boots.  Probably the same.  I'm sure someone will point out that the Chelsea boot name was derived from the London neighborhood and the Beatles wore them and then stole the name, blah blah.  Whatever.  I wanted to make three categories.  I think of the Chelsea boot as a little more "weekend" and horse-y, as opposed to "mod" and Austin Powers-ish.  The Anthro boots have a thin sliver heel, which is a nice compromise, and the zippers add a  The other two are a more classic look, perfect with jodhpurs.  Or you know, regular pants.

Anthropologie Zip Wedge Boots / ASOS Abacus Chelsea Boots / J Crew Emmett Ankle Boots

There you go, some alternatives to the motorcycle boot.  Does anyone actually know the etiology of the Beatle boot/Chelsea boot distinction?  I'm mostly just too lazy to google it.


  1. I was the commenter who asked for this post - thanks so much!! I especially love the DV boots!

  2. Hey! Have you ever paid attention, have your writting skills upgraded so far?

  3. In our daily we need a walk. In that case we have to feel comfortable all the day. That you have chosen a good flat boot for walking. For that you can walk smoothly.

  4. That's a nice idea! I love wearing flat boots beacuse I'm tall and I can't be comfortable in heel boots or hard boots. So for me best work boots for women and men is the flat ones.


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