Thursday, August 16, 2012

Planning for Fall: Short Booties for Shorter Days

I think my least favorite part of fall is the shortening of the days.  There is something about dusk creeping in earlier and earlier each night that totally depresses me.

So this autumn, I'm making the most of every day.  First order of business?  Short boots.

They are everywhere this fall and they are very playground friendly (sturdy heel, plays well with others, etc).

I'm particularly fond of the short boots with a flippy skirt and tights look.

Or with a lightweight dress until the fall chill rolls in.

But I'm cool with cropped pants and an oversized knit sweater too.

Actually, just thinking about walking home in that outfit makes me feel a little better about the fact that it will be pitch black before Reese's dinner when I'm wearing it.

As for styles, I'm liking this pair from DV by Dolce Vita or this pair from Topshop.

Any fall looks you're loving while the weather is still warm?


  1. do you have any recommendations for short flat boots that aren't too motorcycle-y?

  2. Sure! Let me work on it...I love the look of the motorcycle boot, but it doesn't work on me either.


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