Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just Dip It

Three things toddlers love:

{1} Taking each others' toys.

{2} Making you read the same story every single night for three weeks. Then acting offended when you bring it out after said fortnight.

{3} Dipping.  Preferably french fries in ketchup, but really, anything will work.

Of course, when we are out to eat and Reese is enjoying her totally wholesome, not at all terrible parenting, organic and local french fries, she gets a little cup of ketchup to dip into.  But at home, when we give her veggies and hummus, the hummus just kind of slides around on the plate.  

Then Reese gives us the look.  The one that lets us know that she is our child.  

The one that says, you knuckleheads really expect me to deal with this crap?

Well, baby, don't worry!  Your brilliant MD/JD parents figured it out...

TA-DA!  Dip Clips!

No, wait, seriously, and with all gravity.  Dip-freakin-clips.

That Sandra Lee is one special lady.  I mean, this is like solving cold fusion level kitchen gadget.  

The dip clips hook onto the side of a plate or a bowl and hold the dip upright while your about to be dipped snacks lie in wait.  It's perfect for eliminating the "double dip" conundrum for adults and perfect for toddlers!

I have the pictures to prove it.

That look is more: Wow, it only took the two of you how many years to be finished with school?  It also says: why aren't these Shake Shack french fries?

Yup.  Now we can continue our love affair with dipping.  Until Reese decides that dipping is abhorrent and forks are all the rage.  But that's fine because I love these things so much I don't care. 

Product was provided for editorial consideration, but all opinions expressed are my own.  Seriously, these things are awesome.

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