Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How I Lost the Genetic Lottery: A Mascara Review

I somehow missed the eyelash gene in my family.

In a cruel freak of nature mutation, I wound up with the short end of the lash stick.  Both my sister and my daughter have beautiful long lashes and I end up looking like the albino in The DaVinci Code if I don't slather on mascara every day.

But recently, my genetically superior sister shared a product recommendation with me.

Benefit's They're Real! mascara.

I rushed right out to get it, but couldn't pull the trigger on another disappointing $20-plus mascara...until I saw the $10 mini version.  Since I never use up an entire tube of mascara before the expiration (three months, people!) this was a perfect compromise.  Plus, it takes up less room in my overstuffed makeup case.  I may not have won the lash lottery, but I got the shrewd genes.


And the comedy ones.

Anyhoo, it's a great mascara.  It really lengthens and defines the lashes (those that I actually have...) and stays put through most of the day.  Then washes off with water and is easily removed with a swipe of remover.  I would maybe complain that it doesn't make the lashes look that much thicker, but it's kind of splitting hairs.

Get it?!?

See...I'm funny so it makes up for my puny eyelashes.


  1. I agree - this stuff is magic. Lash extensions are the gas going around my work right now and when I wear this mascara, I'm always asked if I had them done. (I do have ridiculously long lashes, but am always seeking to make them look longer. :)

  2. I'm definitely going to be going back for another tube. It's the best mascara I've used in a LONG time.


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