Monday, July 23, 2012

The Sun Arsenal: Kiss My Face Kids Sun Stick

A friend of mine used to joke that my husband and I are so pale that when we had a baby, she would be basically translucent.  And she basically is.  With red hair to boot.  Keeping her safe from the sun is more than a full time job and I keep adding to my stash of supplies.  Here are a few of the products I've liked, and a couple that fell flat.

Getting sunscreen on a baby's face is like wrestling in Jello.  At least it's how I imagine it.  She's squirming all over the place, trying to wriggle free, scrunching up her eyes and nose while I'm desperately trying to get the goo on her face without getting it in her eyes and having everyone on the playground think I maced my own child.

Sunscreen sticks are a nice alternative to the lotion because you can just swipe in the pertinent areas (cheeks, nose, forehead, and ears) with minimal fuss.  The main problem with the sunscreens that are recommended by the Environmental Working Group is that they leave a white chalky residue which is impossible to rub in.  Reese ends up looking like like Casper the Redheaded Ghost.

However, Kiss My Face has come up with an adorable solution...colored sunscreen sticks.  The Sun Stick comes in pink and blue (in addition to a regular white one) with an SPF of 30.  It's water resistant (perfect for the days when the babies are running in and out of sprinklers) and very moisturizing.  You would be surprised how drying all these various creams can be.  They have the lowest hazard rating from EWG and are free from parabens, phalates, nanoparticles and gluten.  You know, just in case your celiac child eats it or something.  

Well, my kid tried to eat it.  I'm assuming she can't be the only one.

When I can get Reese to stay still for 10 seconds, it glides on pretty easily and gives her a little a nice 80's surfer look that's very hip among the under 2 set even if they haven't seen Summer School.  As the day wears on, the pink color fades and then it's time to reapply.  That's if I can catch her.

Product sample was provided for editorial consideration. All opinions and references to Mark Harmon movies are my own.

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