Friday, July 27, 2012

Labels We Love: The Honest Co.

So, this isn't a clothing label, but it's a brand so I felt it fit this category pretty well.

I can be a sucker for a lot of things.

Movies featuring Leonardo DiCaprio with a Boston accent.

Baby bathing suits.

Products with adorable packaging.

So obviously, I fell hard for The Honest Co.

Totes adorbs!

The Honest Co. is an eco-friendly brand of baby and household products started, in part, by Jessica Alba.  To be perfectly honest (ha!), I'm not a huge fan of the whole "oh, when I got pregnant/had my baby/held my precious bundle I became incredibly eco-conscious" meme.  Especially when it's coming from a celebrity or anyone else peddling something.  But, I do also believe that choosing eco-friendly and sustainable products when they work and are not just marketing is worthwhile.

I sent away for their free trial (not a PR thing, everyone is eligible, you just have to be sure to cancel right away if you don't want to continue the subscription) and was pretty impressed by the products.  I liked their diapers, although I have not tried any other environmentally friendly brand (We are a Pampers household.  Apparently I am also a sucker for Sesame Street branded products.)  They were a little thicker and stiffer than our usuals, and Reese seemed like she was having trouble getting around in them.  The wipes were really nice, definitely running a close second to the Kirkland ones we usually use.  

I tried a few of the bath products they sent, although they were disappointingly not the ones I wanted to try.  I liked that most things are fragrance free.  I loathe most scents added to bath products and really hate when babies smell like perfume.  That said, I actually liked the orange-vanilla scent of the Body Wash for an adult - it was sweet, but not cloying. 

The bottom line?  While I am not interested in a subscription just yet, I do want to try a few of the other products...particularly the sunscreen, the household cleaners, and the swim diapers.  So!  I was thrilled when I saw that Plum District was doing a $40 for $20 promotion this week for The Honest Co.  (Plus, for today (7/27) only, you can use the code LONDON20 for an additional 20% off.) (referral link alert!)  

I think the products are worth checking out...if nothing else, they'll look cute in your home!  No, seriously, that's how I think.

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