Monday, July 30, 2012

Gifts for a Stylish New Mom

One of the hardest things about having a baby is struggling with feeling stylish after a the baby is born.

Actually, that's not even true a little bit.  But it is hard.

Part of the problem is adjusting to a different personal style when the baby is on the outside.  And the other part of the problem is that when you are waist deep in Dermaplast, lanolin, diaper changes, and onesies, buying cute accessories is not high on your priority list.  It is, however, very needed.

So, if you had a friend (wife/cousin/sister) who just had a baby, give her the gift of something cute and useful to help her feel a little less like a sad sack mommy.  No guessing at sizes needed.

Chewbeads - Okay, this isn't exactly for a newborn, but I think these are so adorable and perfect for a new mother.  It actually looks like one of my favorite necklaces, the one Reese thinks are actually grapes.  The beads are made from a 100% silicone which is perfect for a baby to gnaw on, and come in a variety of bright fun colors.  

The Wrap by Solly Baby - Here's a fun fact.  Babies like to be held.  ALL.  THE.  TIME.  I was taken aback by this for some reason.  Here's another fun fact.  Some babies are too small for a Bjorn or other structured carriers.  Like mine.  (Nope, not early either.)  I ended up getting a Moby wrap in black, and it was really handy, but a little bland/earthy crunchy for my taste.  I love the stripes and pretty colors that the Solly Wrap comes in, definitely an upgrade.  One more fact?  It gets WAY easier to wrap after the first 10 times.

Dria Nursing Cover - Nursing covers are tricky.  I liked mine, a Bebe Au Lait, which had a hoop opening, but I always felt like I could do better.  The black seemed to attract every bit of lint from the burp cloth which was my constant companion and it never folded nicely into my diaper bag.  The Dria comes highly recommended from Ain't No Mom Jeans, and I trust them since they have a collective 8 years or so of nursing between the two of them.  It would work really nicely for travel so you don't have to wiggle down and pick it up in that teeny tiny airplane seat.  You can just wear it on the plane over a nursing tank.  I'm also a huge fan of the poncho trend and have been desperately trying to bring it back every three to four seasons.  This is my moment.

J Crew iPhone Case - I seriously don't know how people parented without smartphones.  And yes, I just said something that obnoxious and Gen X-y.  When Reese was tiny, I had mine out at all times.  I would check my email while nursing, take photos a thousand times a day, text my husband to get me water when I was rocking her to sleep, FaceTime with assorted grandparents, etc.  So, my phone was truly a part of my outfit.  J Crew is making some adorable versions (albeit totes overpriced) and Cup of Jo featured a bunch from Society 6 which are awesome.  I especially like this one for a new mom.

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