Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Memories

In a rare feat of spontaneity, we decided to meet friends from DC halfway at a beach house in Long Beach Island, New Jersey.

Going in with low expectations (always lower your expectations to rock bottom when traveling with a baby), we ended up having a perfect weekend.

Reese got a chance to sport her new jellies.

Despite making peace with the sandbox at the playground, Reese was unsure about the beach.

We spent a lot of time looking at the water pensively.

Until she finally decided it was ok to put her feet down and have a good time.

In the afternoon, we visited the bay side of the island where we found a swing set.

Swings make everyone happy.

We cooked some amazing dinners, including fresh lobsters.  Reese met the lobsters (or "lobbers" as she says) before their untimely end.

We enjoyed many a cocktail on the roofdeck.  I even learned to appreciate a well made gin and tonic.

The first thing Reese asked for when she woke up the next morning was the lobbers.  That was an uncomfortable parenting moment.

All was quickly forgiven once we got to the beach.  Same swing, different outfit.

Then we repeated the pensive looks at the water from yesterday.  No feet on the sand though.

My only complaint about the weekend was there was not nearly enough ice cream consumed.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend...looking forward to summer!

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