Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is always a little squeezed out.

Between the May madness of Mother's Day, college graduations, and Memorial day and then the ramp up to summer in June, Father's Day can feel like an afterthought.

(nota bene - friends of ours from Brazil say that their Mother's Day is the same as ours, but Father's Day is in the fall...a better scenario? Discuss.)

I usually find myself scrambling for a gift, but actually having a child makes that difficult.  So, I've come up with a few good gifts that any dad (or at least the one in my house) would appreciate.

Gifts for Fathers

Gifts for Fathers by caphillbarbie featuring Brooks Brothers

1. Spacepak System from Flight 001 - Packing lightly when you have a child takes on a whole new meaning.  You really want to pare down your luggage to the bare essentials, but for some reason, my husband's clothes always take up SO MUCH SPACE.  Yeah, yeah, he's a lot bigger than me.  Men need undershirts, blah blah.  Well, Spacepak from Flight 001 manages to take the essentials and squeeze them into tiny packs to fit in any small suitcase.  Give him the gift of letting you take an extra pair of shoes!

2.  Smythson Mara Brown Card Case - There is so much about having a child that makes you feel like an adult and makes you want to upgrade everything around other aspects of your life.  Maybe it's just so you can look put together when you leave the house, because you're a hot mess inside it.  Well, my husband just got his first real job (it takes doctors A LONG TIME, remember that the next time you decide that you just don't need take the recommended dose of antibiotics.) With that job came business cards, and I think he would love a sophisticated case with which to dole them out.  Heck, any man can do better than the paper clip he's probably using. 

3.  Kenyon's Old Fashioned Buttermilk and Honey Pancake Mix - WARNING: This is a sentimental one.  Every weekend, my husband wakes up 10 minutes before Reese and starts making her pancakes for breakfast.  He'll experiment with add-ins, like dried blueberries and mashed bananas and she just loves them.  He once told me it's the most important thing he does all week.  (I promised not to tell his patients that)  So, I thought a special new pancake mix might be in order for both of them.

4.  Brooks Brothers Cotton Broadcloth Boxers - Everyone could use an underwear upgrade.  While I'll tell everyone to buy the woman in their life Hanky Pankys in bulk, I'm telling all the ladies: Brooks Brothers boxers.  Buy him a bunch.

Lastly and not pictured, a great gift is to send him out for drinks with his buddies, call the bar and send over a round of high end scotch or bourbon.  Trust me.

Also, since I'm notorious for coming up with great gift ideas and then forgetting them, I've started a Pinterest board dedicated to Gifts Galore!  Check it out, follow it, and never be stumped again.

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