Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stock Up for Summer at Piperlime

This spring in New York has been cold and rainy and generally very icky.

While it's been terrible for getting out and enjoying the newly green lawns, it's actually been great for my wallet since I haven't been in the mood to shop for many spring items.


Piperlime is making it very tempting with some killer sales this week. They have an awesomely large selection of everything, is offering 30% off a wide range of summer essentials until May 13th.

I might finally pull the trigger and get these killer flat sandals from Pour La Victoire.
I am in desperate need of a new pair of skinny jeans.  I've been putting it off for ages, but I think my beloved Topshop Moto jeans (I also loved the maternity version!) are stretched out and are kaput.  Everyone raves about J Brand, so I might have to give these a test run at home.

The best part about Piperlime?  Free shipping and free returns.  

So, does anyone have any other skinny jean recommendations?  Are you planning on picking up any last minute spring/summer essentials?  Do you think it will EVER actually get warm in New York?


  1. I am really into AG jeans right now.

  2. Piperlime is my FAV - thanks for the promo code. Funny that in a city where we have ever store imaginable, I still buy 95% of our things online.

    The weather will be miserably hot soon, don't worry ;)

  3. @Shannon Aren't they great? I think I need to just order them or I'll be kicking myself soon.

    @RR I'll have to check out AG, I saw some fun colored ones by them, but I've never tried on. Is there a style in particular that you like?

    @Missa You can't beat door-to-door delivery, especially when you have a baby and can't spend time trying anything on in a store. And at this point, I'll take a little miserably hot. Reese is outgrowing all of her cute spring dresses!

  4. I havebto plug my new skinnies from the limited. Theyre mynfirst, so maybe others are better, but soft, pretty colors, not so low that playgrounds are scary, and, oh affordable! Do share what you end up with!


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