Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Naptime Reading Material: What Would Gwyneth Do

There is something about Gwyneth Paltrow that inspires certain severe reactions from a variety of women.

You either love her, hate her, or love/hate her.

I fall firmly in the love/hate column.  Sometimes I think she is totally absurd and out of touch, yet trying to be just the average mom with a famous family, rock star husband, and a career singing/acting/dancing/cookbook writing/newsletter sending.  Then sometimes, I feel like she is just the average mom trying to balance her career with her husband's, feeding her children, and be stylish.

It's very hard to decide if I actually like her.

But what I do like is the blog What Would Gwyneth Do.

It's not actually a blog about Gwyneth, but a blog by a Southern California mother of two living life stylishly while trying to balance a career and family.  She writes about style, food, beauty and kids stuff.  As the mother of an older baby (5 years) and one about Reese's age (little over a year), everything she writes seems to really resonate with me, someone who has been there done that and going through it again.  A recent post about interesting birthday party gifts was bookmarked quickly (our party-every-weekend season happens in the fall) and I was very inspired by another on grey nail polish.

So, no matter how you feel about Ms. Paltrow herself, you can get on board with What Would Gwyneth Do.

Also, many thanks to DC Celine for tipping me off to such a great blog!

images courtesy of whatwouldgwynethdo.com


  1. Wow, thank you SO much! Love that you love the blog...and so appreciate the support.

  2. See, Ms. Raluca? I'm not the only one. Not at all.


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