Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The High/Low: Swim Styles for Less than Perfect Bodies

I don't know anyone who is just thrilled to jump into a bathing suit for the first time every year, and having a baby doesn't exactly make it easier.

However, there are a number of trends and tricks though that can help you out and make it a little more comfortable to strip down at the beginning of summer.  I've picked out four here and found a high and a low option for each.

High/Low: Swim Styles

1. Print: J. Crew Antique Paisley Ruched Bandeau - $92 / Target ASSETS by Sara Blakely Bloom Print One Piece - $44.99
I'm not usually a huge fan of prints, but they really work on a bathing suit.  Plus, the pattern distracts from the less than perfect parts of your body.  I have a similar J. Crew suit and I love it, but the Target one is almost as cute for half the price.  I bet a swimsuit from the woman who created Spanx will keep everything in check too.

2.  Ruching:  ModCloth Lake Me With You One Piece - $89.99 / Old Navy Twist-Front Control Max Suit - $44.94

It's an old trick, but it works.  So, I guess it's a classic?  Ruching.  A little bunching across the abdomen makes lumps and a less than perfect belly disappear.  I think the retro shapes also work really well on a curvy figure.  I have a similar one that I bought for our first vacation after Reese and it makes me feel like Esther Williams.

3.  High Waist:  Anthropologie Retro Poppy Bikini - $78 / H&M Bikini - $25

I confess that I haven't tried this style on, but gosh darn it!  It looks so cute!  I usually have the most trouble with my lower abdomen, since I can't seem to do any more than two of those feet-up-crunches without wanting to die right there on the floor.  This high waisted Marilyn Monroe-esque suit might help me out in that department.  The Anthro one is adorable, but seriously?  Who can pass up a $25 suit from H&M?

4.  Strategic Stitching:  Malia Mills Dionne Suit - $325 / Anthropologie Tidal Striped Maillot  - $158

Alright, don't kill me for putting up this pair.  Malia Mills makes some of the absolute best swimsuits...they are beautiful, they last, they flatter, and they come in cup sizes.  However, they are an investment.  The ruching and the elastic stitching down the front really really flatter your body.  If you can afford it and are willing to invest, I recommend looking for one of these (plus, they sometimes go on sale or show up on Gilt!).  If you don't want to drop that kind of cash, this Anthropologie suit offers similar lines in a cutie pie nautical print for less than half.

So, have you bought your summer suit yet?  Do you have a favorite that you wore holes in?  Any great secret sources for swimwear?

P.S. I swear that when I put together this set, all the bathing suits were in stock! I've tried to link to something as similar as possible otherwise.


  1. Gorgeous options! My personal favorite this year is the JCrew one-shoulder suit. So flattering with the ruching through the middle, lots of support on top, and an adjustable leg line. By far the most coverage I've ever found for a "hot mom" suit! And it's got enough room with the ruching for a small baby bump, too!

  2. I really want to find a high waisted bikini. The overall silhouette of my post-baby body isn't an issue for me. It's my wrinkly low belly when I bend down and crazy looking belly button. TMI? LOL. So I gotta cover that uppppp.


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