Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Babies, Bathwater, and Such

As a beauty blogger and aficionado of expensive skin care lines, I was super excited to stock my baby's bathtub with fancy European baby washes.  As a neurotic new mother, I also got some hypoallergenic run-of-the-mill soap for the first few months when babies are super sensitive.

"Pediatrician recommended" was a major Pavlovian trigger for me during pregnancy.  You could stamp that on black tar heroin and I would have bought it.

But, when the time finally came that Reese was "tough enough" and "not new" anymore to break out the fancy soap, it wasn't well received.  They were too smelly and perfumey, or they didn't lather up the way my husband likes (he's actually the bath time guru in our house).  So, we stuck with the tried and true.  

Until I heard one of my favorite brands, Aquaphor, had come out with a baby wash.

I quickly replaced one with the other and am not looking back.  I love that the wash is unscented and not sticky (if that makes any sense) and tear free.  It's gentle, which is great for this time of year when everyone is suffering from dry skin.

As a bonus, Reese is OB-SESSED with the bottle.  I'll find her in the bathroom pointing to the bottle and saying, "bay-bee, bay-beeeee." 

My only complaint?  I wish it came in a big size with a pump.  But I've made it this long, I can make do.

product sample was provided for editorial consideration, but all opinions expressed are my own.

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