Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty stellar.

We hung out with the three little bears (and a lot of tourists).

My husband brought back some amazing old-skool Italian cookies from this bakery near his work.

I met a friend downtown for brunch (at a place I've wanted to try) and hauled groceries back from Trader Joes - a mere 90 blocks.

Damn you and your cheap organic virgin coconut oil! I just can't quit you!

We went to the Central Park Zoo for the first time...

...and used it as an excuse to break out Reese's phenomenal pink paint splattered DVF for Gap leggings.

Minutes before the shoe came off.

Then we capped off the weekend with a trip to the dog park and Shake Shack frozen custard.

Strawberry Blonde with seasonal rhubarb compote. If you have the means to pick some up, I highly recommend it.

My child then proceeded to eat her weight in hummus (I swear, 90% of that child is stomach) and hit the hay.

I made us black bean burgers (recipe post forthcoming!) and these coconut oil roasted sweet potatoes, which were so totally worth spending 30 minutes on the subway to bring back the aforementioned Trader Joe's coconut oil.

Do you ever make a vegetarian dish and think, you know? Bacon would really amp this up?

How was everyone else's weekend?


  1. I like this post :)

  2. Coconut oil is all the rage these days -- def need to try. What else do you add it to?


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