Friday, April 27, 2012

A New(er) Mother's Day Gift Guide

I keep forgetting that I'm a mother.

Not in that I-leave-my-kid-places-because-I-forget-I-have-one (although that is TOTALLY a fear of mine), but it always surprises me when I realize that Mother's Day applies to me too.

As such, I'm really not into breakfast in bed (dear god, think of the crumbs) and Reese for sure isn't making me handmade cards yet.  I think the best gifts are things you would never really buy for yourself; something a little frivolous and special, but not over the top.  So, here are my suggestions for a new or newish mom.  Feel free to forward to husbands and children everywhere.

Time for an Upgrade!

This is a great gift for a new mom who maybe doesn't feel like spending a bunch of money on nursing bras or sleepwear, but hot damn, she deserves it.

Belabumbum has some adorable sets of nursing nightgowns and baby gowns and basic PJ sets.  Because, seriously, you don't want to be wearing your husband's flannel pants and an old maternity cami to bed every night anymore.  Not that I did this or anything.

Along those same lines, Cake Lingerie has some beautiful and very sexy nursing bras that would have been much appreciated around here this time last May.  Especially since our anniversary falls right around Mother's Day.  Also!  Cake is running a promotion through Mother's Day, if you buy two bras, you get a free Cotton Candy seamless bra.  That practically restocks your underwear drawer!

Better than the Spa Day

I always think a spa gift card is never really as useful as it sounds.  The second I leave, I'm totally stressed out again and have nothing to show for it besides a greasy scalp and the scent of eucalyptus.  What I would prefer instead would be a trip to Drybar for an awesome blow out or to Tenoverten for a mani-pedi.  That way, I indulge in trashy magazines and a cocktail, relax, and leave with great hair and fresh nails.  Way better than a product upsell and some cucumber water.

Looks like heaven.
While Drybars are popping up like gophers on the prairie (that's a thing, right?), if there isn't one near you, get creative.  Bliss Spas have some fab mani-pedi services and they serve free brownies.  Yeah, you read that right.

The Don't Worry About It Date

I think one of my main complaints as a mother is that I try to take care of everything.  I keep track of all the baby details, household bills, dinner plans, etc.  This is especially true when it comes to going out for an evening.  It would be a real treat to have a date night planned without lifting a finger to email a babysitter or call to make a reservation.  All I want to do is put on a dress and a pair of heels and hopefully show up here.  I would almost like to have my outfit picked out for me...almost.

Another idea for a new father?  Send her out for a night with a girlfriend or two.  It's not technically babysitting if it's your kid, but act like it is and don't set a curfew.  You get super duper extra bonus points if you call the bar and send a round of drinks or a bottle of wine.  Klassy.

It's the Little Things

Remember what I said in the beginning about the best gifts being a little frivolous.  This category is all about things that a mother might feel a little guilty about dropping the cash on, but it's worth the money.

Keep It Simple...Silly

Or, just you do what every mother wants.  Take the child (or children, as the case may be) out to breakfast and let us sleep in.

What's the best gift you ever got for Mother's Day?  And please, don't say "my children!"  Because even if it's true, it makes me gag.


  1. Great list. I might send this link to my husband. Better yet, could you? :)

  2. My best gift -- also cheesy -- SLEEP when I was totally desperate for it.

    Great list BTW. Here were a few ideas I had:

  3. As such, I'm really not into breakfast in bed (dear god, think of the crumbs) and Reese for sure isn't making me handmade cards yet.

  4. Repeat after me. My child is unique. My child is special. My child has his own strengths and weakness. My child cannot possibly be the best at everything there is out there. Now, say the same thing again but instead of "my child" put a "I" :) thebabyguides

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