Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Labels We Love: Splendid Littles

Y'all ready for this?

I'm about to drop some hot baby picture action you.



This is like early 2011 style.

What these pics have in common is that Reese is sporting one of my absolute favorite baby labels, Splendid.

What I love about their baby clothes is not how soft they are (but they are super soft) or stretchy (for pulling over a diaper to eek the last wear out of an outfit before it is outgrown), but it's because they are frick-fracking adorable.  Like, seriously?  Look at the second picture.  That romper has little layers, like she decided to put a tee over a long sleeve shirt.

Oh, babies! The original hipsters.

We receive a bunch of Splendid outfits as gifts and loved them.  Then I heard about the Splendid Littles for Target line and bought everything in Reese's size.  Everything.  (The first picture is a Target piece.) And I'm kicking myself for not buying the kids size stuff and saving it.

Well, kiss my savings good-bye because this Friday, Splendid is opening a store in New York!

How the what?!?

I'm thinking this little number would look cute on a redhead I know...

This is going to be bad news.


  1. So cute! It seems like it's harder to find striped clothes for baby girls and I love stripes on my daughter.

  2. Dangerous! Savvy has one splendid outfit for 6-12 months and the tunic STILL fits at 19 months. Love the softness.

  3. @Margaret That is so funny that girls get stripes less than boys, especially since I cannot buy enough stripes right now. I also say, buy boys clothes! If it's cute, it's cute.

    @Missa Isn't that the best when things outlive the tag age? I have an H&M coat that is 6-9 and going strong at 18 months.

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