Monday, April 30, 2012

The High/Low: Chambray Shirtdress

When I like an article of clothing, I get kind of obsessed.

And right now, all I can think about is chambray.  This morning I actually considered digging my shirt out of the laundry basket to wear today even though I'm pretty sure it was smeared with applesauce on it's last wearing.

Don't judge me!  Ok, you're judging.

Last week, I saw this adorable chambray shirtdress from Band of Outsiders on a blog (I swear I cannot remember where.  I think it was Mizhattan, but this is a clear sign I need to prune my Google Reader.)  When I clicked through, I was shocked to see it listed for over $500.

Let's just say that even in my jaded New York lifestyle, $500 for a spring knock-around dress is not going to fly.  Especially when we were discussing the cost of nursery school like 10 minutes before that.

But, obsession is a powerful thing.  So I searched high and low forsaking food, water and playtime with my child (I'm just kidding, I happened to be in the Gap the next day) and found this look-alike for a mere $69.95.

High/Low: Chambray Shirtdress

High/Low: Chambray Shirtdress by caphillbarbie featuring a chambray dress

Not bad, right?

Perfect for spring, and even transition into fall.  Paired with jacket or light cardigan and flats for daytime playground outings or some serious jewelry and heels for a summer night out.  Plus, I'd get one more day of chambray before I really have to do the laundry.

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