Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Four: Spring Essentials

Four: Spring Essentials

Spring has definitely ARRIVED.

Here in New York, it's sickeningly nice out.  Not just because the weather is so awesome, but because the pollen count is actually making me ill.  Regardless, I have been dragging Reese outside pretty much every minute she's not asleep and the weather has brought up the need for some new essentials to get me through the season.

{1} A soft moto jacket.  It's still a little on the cool side in the mornings and in the shade, so I like a little something to throw on over short sleeves.  Leather motorcycle jackets are all the rage, but leather and sippy cups full of milk are not the best combo.  But a soft jacket in the same style that I can put in the wash?  Yes, please.

{2} A waterproof blanket.  When we moved to New York and I started making mom friends, I noticed that everyone had these awesome lightweight blankets that folded up neatly and kept dry, even when placed on damp grass.  With the countdown to the Parks Service opening up the lawns in Central Park officially ON, I need one of these STAT.

{3} Flat sandals.  I walk everywhere.  A pair or two (or five) good flat sandals are going to be the lynchpins of my spring and summer wardrobe.  You might think that sounds excessive, but tell me how much you spend on your MetroCard or car.  See, sort of the same thing.  I love these red ones by Madewell, but I'm also in the market for a neutral and probably a metallic.  I like that these are spring-y with the peep-toe, but not full on summer-bare.

{4} Striped maxi-dress.  Like the rest of the known universe, I'm in love with stripes.  It's not original. It's not avant-garde. But holy hell, I cannot stop myself.  I have the J. Crew dress on the left and I'm wearing holes in it already. 

What's on your list for spring?


  1. I really LOVE that Moto jacket but wish the color wasn't blue. I really have a peeve against blue with blue jeans, which are my staple.

  2. I totally understand the navy with denim conundrum. I think for this spring with all the colored denim out there, you could make it work. Otherwise, I think there was a similar jacket at Forever 21 that came in a grey.

  3. Thanks - I'll check Forever 21 (an admitted first for me!)


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