Friday, April 6, 2012

Four: Nail Polishes for Right Now

Things have been a little quiet on the blog because I have a bunch of stuff going on at home right now (nothing bad! just stuff).  But, like the rest of the immediate world, I'm kind of obsessed with nail polish.

Even the New York Times decided it was a trend.

I've typically been a classic ballet pink or true red girl, but this season I'm branching out big time.

Here are four shades I'm currently digging.

{1} Essie Geranium.  On my fingernails right now.  A really cool orangey red that is also a fave of sous chefs!

{2} Thakoon for NARS Ratin Jot.  This whole collab collection is amazeballs, but I'm really liking this orchid purple.  Perfect for a spring pedicure with a bright sandal.

{3} Nails Inc Neons and Nudes Collection.  I know this is cheating, but I saw this set of six polishes in Sephora this morning and let's just say it was a good thing Reese pitched a fit and dragged me out of there or I would be $25 poorer.  (She hates Sephora.  I'm not totally sure she's mine.)  This is a nice mix of trendy brights and sophisticated neutrals in little tiny bottles for the price of one Chanel polish.  I'm going back the next time I'm on my own.

{4} NARS Trouville.  Alright, I'm still loving a classic pink-y nude.  Part of the upcoming Summer 2012 collection, this would be perfect for a wedding you're attending with your whole family and you don't want your dad/cousin/little brother asking why you have mint green fingernails.

What colors are you lacquering up with this spring?


  1. Somehow I missed that Nars had nailpolish. How is their coverage/brush? I adore those colors, and they might be enough for me to trek to a Sephora this week.

  2. Oh, yes, they have some great colors. Two favorites are Schiap and Chinatown.


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