Monday, April 9, 2012

Body Post Baby: Probably Not What Bethenny Had In Mind

I'm a Bravo TV addict.

Sad, but true.  

One of my absolute guilty naptime DVR'ed specials is Bethenny Ever After, and I don't care what anyone says, I will continue to watch it religiously.  

And believe me, my husband has a lot to say.

I can't say I follow all the product launches, that woman is branding everything from drinks to lipgloss to underwear.  But I did take a look at her new Skinny Girl Shapers shape wear collection, mostly because Bethenny referred to it as "lazy lingerie," which I can totally get behind.

The products are meant to transition from day to night, but the product that caught my eye was the Get the Scoop! Wear Your Own Bra Cami.  

But probably not for the reasons Bethenny intended.  

The first thing I thought of was, "OMG! You could totally wear a nursing bra with that!"

Because SERIOUSLY.  Having something that sucks you in a little bit is so necessary post-partum, but most shapewear is emphatically NOT nursing friendly.  This cami would allow you to wear a regular nursing bra and would keep your midsection covered and sucked in if you need to lift your shirt to nurse.

The rest of the line is nice, especially since most shapewear is so flesh colored and utilitarian, I could totally see wearing one of these pieces for a night out under a dress and not be embarrassed to show it off afterwards.

And, yes, I will be watching tonight's episode where they shoot this campaign.


  1. LOVE Bethenny, and yes, I am totally addicted to her show too. Her shapewear looks much more attractive than Spanx. Which my husband calls "my biker shorts".

  2. So true about shapewear not being nursing friendly. I was in a wedding this past summer and the dress def required spanx, and trying to quickly nurse in between photos, entrances, bridal party etc - was hard! I'll def have to check this out!

  3. Ohh wow! There is a body shape-wear dress in page.Those shape-wear is looking very in a word I like it.
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  4. I have shapewear pants but I feel I can´t breathe whenever I wear them xD xx


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