Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Always Be Prepared

Few things make me sweat more than having to rush to the drugstore to pick up a card for a special occasion.

I'll stand in the aisle, reading all the cards that look mildly amusing or sweet, but avoiding ones that make poop jokes or use a lot of fancy script (fancy script equals heaps of religion, don't know why, but it's true).  Every time, I find something that's nice, but not perfect.

Don't be like me.

With the advent of Etsy, you can find beautiful, unique, and handmade cards and have them waiting for the holiday to arise.  Father's Day is right around the corner and, particularly for a first Father's Day when the card is a keepsake, being prepared is essential.  One of my favorite Etsy vendors, Fox + Paper has a slew of new Father's Day cards available and I'm ready to stock up.

You might remember Fox + Paper from Reese's first birthday and our fab custom banner and invites.  I love the cutouts in her designs and the elegant fonts.  For an older child, I think the tie design that you color is too cute and makes them feel like they are really giving a gift as well.

Unfortunately, the chubby baby hands do not come with the cards.  


Do you have any secret card sources on Etsy or elsewhere?

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