Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yes to Going to Bed Faster

As I've mentioned, I don't have the best habits when it comes to washing my face at night.

After a looong day, I'm just ready to crawl into bed and hit the reset button on life.  The thought of getting my face wet and washing and drying just plain doesn't sound appealing.  Especially when my day is filled with fun tasks like telling someone that not all food has to come in a bunny shaped cracker format, being a manicurist to a very squirmy client, and making sure that everyone keeps their clothes on in public.

So, when I read the rave review that Belle at Capitol Hill Style gave to the Yes to Blueberries Face Wipes, I added them to my next Diapers.com order on the double.  

Zomg. Diapers.com is amazing.  Basically eliminates all need for the drugstore, except for, you know, drugs.

And I really like them.  The wipes have a nice light scent and a good snap closure to keep them form drying out.

As a mother, you become a connoisseur of wipes and the way to ensure that every wipe count.

They definitely remove the bulk of my makeup (what little I manage to get on in the morning) and leave my skin feeling soft and not overly stripped.  It doesn't feel like the good deep cleaning you get with an actual proper wash...but it is a lot faster and works.  I've also found it great at removing red lipstick at the end of a night out, something that my regular face wash fails at miserably.

And hey, there are anti-agers and fruit acids in there!  Sah-weet!

I highly recommend picking these up for a soon-to-be mother who might not take the best care of her skin, party girls with late nights ahead, travelers who want to save their carry-on liquids for booze, or the plain old lazy like me.  So, probably anyone.

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  1. I did a post almost exactly like this a few weeks ago, haha, only it was the Say Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes. I'm totally for going to bed faster, whatever it takes!


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