Friday, March 23, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

Look, I love ballet flats as much as the next girl, but sometimes I just want a good looking sneaker.

Don't be afraid!

I'm not descending down a mom-spiral where I wear the same Lululemon workout pants day after day with running sneakers.  I just like a cool comfortable sneaker for walking around.  I generally pair mine with wide legged jeans and a lightweight sweater for spring.  They are perfect for weekends on the playground, morning outings when I'm baby-wearing and need to be sure footed, and trips to the country (re: Costco).

Behold, a few of the pairs I'm considering adding to my wardrobe:
Pumped Up Kicks

1. It's a total myth that Europeans don't wear sneakers.  They just don't wear ugly sneakers.  As Joanna Goddard has said repeatedly on her blogBensimon sneakers are the French girls' Converse.  They are cute, comfortable, and come in adorable colors.  The laceless version is a nice diversion from the ordinary.

2.  I live in Gossip Girl country and the Superga rules the prep school girls.  When we go out on our afternoon walk, girls in plaid skirts are all sporting various colors of Superga.  They are the Italian version of the Bensimon and I really kind of love them.  My mother just brought Reese back a pair from Italy in bright purple and I swear they are a lethal overdose of adorable.  I'm shocked they cleared Customs.

3. A little bit Back to the Future, but making a retro comeback are Keds.  I used to get a new pair every summer (in white, because I was a DORK) and wore them until there was a hole in the big toe.  I think this would be great with shorts and skinny jeans.

4.  I went to a school with the worst football team in our preppity-prepster league.  All the cool guys played soccer and the Adidas Originals were the choice of footwear.  I like the chunky look which feels a little punk-at-the-country-club for some reason.

5.  If you are sitting behind your computer calling me a Commie for promoting all these Euro shoes, go for the All-American original: Converse All Stars.  You'll have plenty of company in Williamsburg or Mount Pleasant with the hipsters.

Personally, I'm leaning towards the Superga, even though I run the risk of being matchy-matchy with my daughter.  I definitely can't pull off bright purple the way she can though.  Did I mention she has mint green Converses too?  I swear, she has a better closet than I do.


  1. I just bought a pair of Bensimons. I love them, however the soles are on the thin side!

  2. I have the chucks, and will die when they do. They are perfect.

    And yet...I love all of the rest of the selections. Miiiiiight have to get some additional kicks.


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