Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty in Pinxav

So, anyone who is bored stiff or grossed out by mommy talk might want to leave the blog, 'cause I'm about to get real chatty about a diaper cream.

I told you a while back about how I joined Bluum, a monthly sample subscription service similar to Birchbox, but for moms and babies.  One of the samples I received was this diaper cream, Pinxav (pronounced "pink salve").  As with many samples I get, I filed it away and forgot about it.  Until this week when Reese had a little diaper rash brewing and my regular tube of Desitin was in the diaper bag, in the stroller, blah blah, I'm lazy and didn't want to go get it.  So, I pulled out the Pinxav and gave it a try.

First of all, stuff is PINK.  It looks like Caladryl and it smells mediciney.  Wait, medicinal.  That's the word.

Second of all, it is THICK.  It's a real barrier cream and you get the impression it does its job.

Third of all, it WORKS.  Like whoa.  It cleared up the diaper rash in a matter of a day.  Both me and my husband were impressed.  And not a lot impresses my husband.

The only thing to keep in mind is to let someone know that you are using a pink diaper cream.  Otherwise the unwitting party might freak out upon changing a very pink diaper and think the baby has a kidney problem.  And he might wake you up when you had at least 7 more minutes to sleep and make you tell him that it was the new diaper cream, remember?

Aside from that, this stuff is GOOD.  I'm definitely placing an order and considering it as a gift for new moms, since it's a little hard to come by in stores.

Who knows what other gems I'll find in my Bluum stash...


  1. Have you tried California Baby? We LOVED the diaper cream and also the Calendula cream (yellow pot). The Calendula cream works also for those chapped face cheeks (during winter), etc. Great stuff.

  2. @ Robin have you tried Pinxav? OMG let me tell you it is seriously the BEST Diaper Rash Ointment I have found!!! This stuff was developed by a Pharmacist and has been trusted and recommended by Pediatricians, Doctors and Pharmacists since 1927!!! Been around for 85 years!!!It contains many all natural ingredients the help soothe the skin, protect the skin and prevent diaper rash! Plus it can be used on bug bites, poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Adult rashes, sunburn..My teenage son uses it on pimples/zits, I have used it on oven burns and I use it on all 4 of my kids for cuts, scrapes and "booboos" My one year old fell last week while playing out side and scratched her knees, after her bath I put pinxav on them and when she woke up in the morning they were healed!! Fantastic and amazing product! Check them out at www.pinxav.com! You can request a sample, well worth a try!!!You won't be sorry you did!!

  3. Ok so i know you just told us how much you love the pink diaper rash cream, but...there's one brand we love called Triple Paste that is a miracle-worker as well, and it's much easier to find. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000GCL2B8

  4. @Robin I have not tried the California Baby, although I hear great things about all their products, or the Calendula. I'll have to check those out as well.

    I have been a die hard Desitin fan, since it's what I remember my mother always using, but I don't think it's the same as it used to be.

    @Shannon, the Pinxav can be hard to find and I had never heard of it before I got the sample. I was impressed though and I'm willing to try the Triple Paste, which I've heard is excellent as well.

    Lots of good creams out there!

  5. I found that my local pharmacy carries PinXav. It might not be as hard to find as you think! :)


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