Monday, March 12, 2012

Labels We Love: H&M

Labels We Love: H&M

I live deep in stroller country.  The interminably unhip Upper East Side.

There are no cocktail bars where the "mixologist" brews his own bitters and infuses his own vodka.

There are no Latino-Asian fusion restaurants with chefs who are in Food and Wine Magazine this month.

There are no stores to buy the latest and greatest as seen on The Man Repeller.

BUT!  I do live 4 blocks from an H&M with an amazing kids and baby section.

It's a tradeoff.

And we love H&M.  They have great organic cotton basics like onesies and leggings to buy in bulk; socks that come in 4 packs (I swear we have lost at least one sock by the time we get home from the store.  There is a black hole somewhere in the universe filled with baby socks.  Get Stephen Hawking looking into this shit, I'm serious) and the cutest baby jackets; all at reasonable prices.

Reasonable especially considering most of it will be covered in yogurt and graham cracker crumbs by naptime.

Another huge plus?  A thoroughly raidable boys section.

I routinely get the icks looking at some girls sections at baby stores.  Sometimes I stand there, holding a sweatshirt covered in pink and purple sequin cat designs to go with the matching tutu and just want to weep for the future.

And, if I happen to be in there shopping for the baby and I happen to see something awesome in my size and I happen to get it, know...things happen.

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