Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here goes nothing...

As a part of my new year's resolutions, I have been trying to break out of a style rut and threw out the idea of doing outfit posts on this blog.  I was surprised when people responded positively.  Shocked, actually.

But it's worth a whirl.  So I dug my tripod out of the closet and ordered a remote control for my camera.

I mean, I had a baby, how hard could this be?


This is me trying to get the camera to shoot.

This is me being pissed off at how hard it is to get the remote to work.

Honestly, this is probably how I look a lot of the time.

This is me remembering to smile while being pissed off while trying to get the remote to work.

This is me trying to look style-blogger-y cool while actually watching the President's press conference.

Also, I put on lipgloss.

This is me doing the looking-down-clutching-my-shirt close up thing that style bloggers do.

This is me laughing at how absurd this post is going to be. Front and back.

Anyhoo.  This was a new outfit for me, also known as the "100th way I'm wearing a chambray shirt."  I layered it over an old turtleneck sweater dress and paired it with tights and over-the-knee flat boots.  I cribbed the look from a street style photo I saw in the New York Times when I realized I had both components in my closet already.  It's amazing because it's WARM.  And as a bonus, the longer sweater dress doesn't ride up which has been great for babywearing.

Also, top knots.  Not just for style bloggers anymore!  The hairstyle of choice for busy moms with dirty hair.

Chambray shirt: Old Navy; Sweaterdress: Barneys Co-Op (super old); Tights: Topshop; Boots: Matisse (old, but you can read the story of how they became mine); Bracelets: Sarca

So, that's my first outfit post.  Hope the pictures don't suck too badly, and I promise to work on it.

Feel free to tell me to stop posting outfit pics in the comments if necessary.


  1. YAY! Like the outfit ;)

  2. Cute! More outfits with the shirt please - I got the same one and feel a little clueless in how to wear it.

  3. OMG -- you are so funny! Loved this post and so looking forward to more styling posts.

  4. This whole post made me so happy--from the shirt to the topknot! And the high chair and stroller in the background. Gotta love the mama life!

  5. Thanks all for the support! I'll do my best to produce some more non-cringeworthy outfit posts.

    @jess the shirt will definitely make another appearance, I love mine and am so sad when it is stuck in the laundry bin. In the meantime, check out my Pinterest board, I have been obsessed with pinning ways to wear chambray.

    @BiblioMOMia Right? I feel like anywhere I take a pic, there would be some piece of baby gear present. It's unavoidable.

  6. Love this post! Hilarious and I love the outfit - I finally just bought a second chambray shirt because I'm wearing out my first one. I’ve never worn it open like this though - thanks for the idea.

    Keep the outfit posts coming :)


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