Friday, March 2, 2012

Four: Annoying "Mom" Things I'm Guilty Of

...but I'm trying to stop.

So much Elmo.  So much.

{1}  Referring to myself in the third person, as in: "Mommy just needs to put socks and shoes on!" or "Mommy needs to have a cup of coffee before I can read you the Elmo book for the 17th time!"

{2}  Narrating everything I do.  In the third person (see above).

{3}  Posting an adorable picture of the baby on Facebook and then obsessively and narcissistically checking for "likes" and comments.

{4}  Getting really indignant when store entryways are not stroller friendly.  Especially on the Upper West Side.  I mean, really?  Do they not want to make money?


  1. Keep up with (1) and (2)! My early childhood background helped me to learn that referring to yourself in the third person is totally natural and helpful to your children. It's very hard for little ones to understand pronouns! And for narrating? Your little one is soaking up all those words, learning about language and learning about the world they live in.

    Also, I'm totally guilty of Barney, not Elmo. I almost wish it were Elmo though, I never would have thought my kid would be obsessed with that big obnoxious dinosaur!

  2. I narrate everything I do, too, but it's a mix of first person & third person. I'd stop, but it seems to keep my son happier when I talk to him. I've manage to get the Facebook posting under control, though!

  3. I love {3} - isn't that silly - I mean facebook isn't going to stop notifying why "does Mommy" (err...I mean "do I") feel the need to check?


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