Thursday, March 8, 2012

Far From a Fairytale

One thing that always scares me about having a daughter is the "princess" phase.  I know that for some girls, this phase starts as early as the womb and lasts until they are on "Say Yes to the Dress."  Probably beyond.

And beauty companies know this.  Skin care and cosmetics for young girls are blinged out with pink and purple sparkles and bedazzled up the wazoo.  That is why I was so happy to see the launch of Willa Skin Care.

Created by a mother of a teenaged daughter who had skin issues herself, Christy Prunier wanted to create something designed for young girls to teach them to care for their skin.  The products are all natural and most include SPF 30, as suncare is KEY to keeping your skin healthy.  

I liked that the packaging was pretty and girly, but not tarty.  I also liked that the products create a routine for skin care, which is so important as it creates good habits for girls as they grow.

Maybe it will save them from drinking too many sour apple martinis in college and then falling asleep with glitter eyeshadow and tons of mascara on.  Not that I ever did that or anything.  
There is also a delicious smelling lip balm.  

Not as good as a sour apple martini, but, you know.  No one's perfect.

The face wash and moisturizer have a nice light scent, and the cleanser has the fun foaming pump.  I tried out a couple of the face products and thought they were really nice, albeit a little drying for my "mature" skin.

Dear god.  I have "mature" skin.  

Also, all the products are paraben and sulfate-free.  And made in the good ol' USA.
Of course, it's not all serious.  There is an adorable pink lip gloss with a handy clip so it doesn't get lost in your backpack.  Or diaper bag.  Whatever.

Willa is available in Target and at J Crew Crewcuts (both online and in stores) as well as

Product samples were provided for editorial consideration, all opinions expressed are solely my own. Especially the part about sour apple martinis being delicious. I know no one else ever agreed with me.

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  1. Love this! Such a great alternative for girls. I love the part about establishing a good skincare routine.


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