Monday, March 19, 2012

The Chambray Shirt: Five Ways for Spring

Recently, I put up my first outfit post and revealed to the world that I have a very messy apartment and also that I am in love with my Old Navy chambray shirt.

Several readers responded that they also had this shirt (or something similar) and were looking for new ways to wear it.  So, I hijacked my sister's Saturday and we did a little photo shoot!  All of these are comfortable and realistic ways I plan on dressing, not some crazy style experiment, and the styling reflects that.

Without further ado, I present five different ways to wear a chambray shirt this spring.


Maxi dresses are great for sunny weekends when the only things on our agenda are meeting someone in the park (Central or Schurz, generally) and getting ice cream.  I can sit on the ground without worrying about flashing anyone, they are comfortable and easy.  Until it really gets warm out, I'm using the chambray shirt in lieu of a cardigan.  I think it breaks up the pattern on this dress and makes it a little more modest (without the shirt it's a little bare).  I paired it with a stack of bangles (bonus, they are very entertaining to small children) and these ivory earrings, but to be honest, I would probably go with less jewelry around the baby.

Also, the dress is very forgiving after ice cream.


Look, if the weather is going to be this nice, somebody has got to throw a party.

I love the combination of the chambray shirt with white, and full skirts are always so fresh feeling in the spring after a long winter in jeans.  Here, I would wear it with a braided belt I stole from my husband to temper the girliness of the skirt and pointy toed red and white slingbacks to amp it up.  If said party was including children, I would probably wear flats.

I know the fedora is kind of a cliche, but it was $10 at Forever 21 and I couldn't help myself.

Hopefully by the time I actually wear this in public, I won't be so incredibly pale.


Ever since Reese dropped her morning nap, I've been trying to take her out and about the city during our long chunk of awake time.  Usually, I head downtown to check out a store I never get to or get a fun snack and try to hit a new-to-us playground.  Since I'm an uptown girl, I try to make myself a little cooler by wearing these faux-leather pants I agonized over buying because I thought they were soooo not me.  I find that the chambray shirt and flats dresses them down to make them "daytime."

They are warm though, so I only anticipate being able to do this for another month or two.


This is my go-to, everyday, all day outfit.  If you run into me on the street, I'm probably wearing some variation on this.  I love the idea of wearing the chambray shirt as a jacket, as opposed to a button-down.  I layer it over a plain white t-shirt and throw a down vest over top.  Since everything is open in the center, this is also a nice nursing friendly option.  I added the scarf as an alternative to a necklace, which is one of my mom-things, since it won't break if Reese gives it a tug.  Sperrys and a cross-body bag are absolute necessities.  Seriously, non-negotiable.

 No child was strapped to the stroller when we shot this.


Our nights out these days are generally just dinner, but it's always a nice excuse to put on lipstick and heels.  I layered the shirt over a little black dress and added the tights and booties.  This dress is a leetle bit too short to wear without tights at my age, but this works for cooler evenings through the spring.  I am usually running short on primping time after we put the baby to bed for the evening, so I'll just pull my hair up and slick on some red lipstick and call it a look.

There it is!  Five ways I'm planning on wearing my chambray into the ground!

Most of these clothes are super old, but if you really want to know where they are from, let me know in the comments.


  1. Love the cross body bag for the playdate/stroll. Where is that from?

  2. I'd love to know where your down vest and the flats from look #3 are from! thanks!

  3. Love 'em all! I, too, live in my denim shirt (mine is slightly darker, from Madewell, but same idea). Such a versatile piece! I especially love yours with the white skirt and fedora.

  4. Guess I should have done a full breakdown!

    The cross body bag is the Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C. Clutch ( I picked mine up at the sample sale, but keep an eye out because they frequently go on sale.

    The down vest is old school J. Crew and the leopard flats are from Topshop. I think Steve Madden has a similar style available now.

    Hope you enjoyed the post! Maybe I can make it a semi-regular feature...


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