Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Body Post Baby: Size is Everything

Despite reading all manner of blogs and books, I was naive about a lot of things going into the post partum period after having Reese.


For example, I knew my breasts would get huge when I was nursing, but they all just meant for the first week or two right?  And then I would go back to being able to fit into all of my regular tops and bras, right?  RIGHT?!?



I think only now, a solid seventeen months after having a baby am I fitting comfortably back into my button downs without stretching the fabric and buttons to their absolute limits.  But even then, let's just say that my lingerie drawer is lying fallow because things are not exactly...where they were before having a baby.

So, I'm thinking I need to go and get resized.  Like by a professional.  One of those women who will bust out the tape measure and get all up in my business and cluck about how being in the wrong size bra is a humanitarian tragedy on the order of Somalia.  It's going to be a regular Judy Blume novel over here.

Since I'm basically doing to be starting from scratch, the good folks over at Chantelle recommended a few basic styles for post-baby bodies.  While they do make some fabulous lacy lingerie, their fit specialist picked out the Rive Gauche in Milk and the Sublime Spacer in Nude to get started.

The Rive Gauche is made with a flat, stretch lace which can accommodate swelling in the breast tissue if you are still nursing or if things are still "calming down" and the Sublime Spacer has a soft moldable fabric that won't pinch or pull on anything.

Also, while basic...these are pretty hot.

You know how they say you save like a trillion billion dollars* by breastfeeding?**  I'm about to go spend that on new bras.

*Not the actual figure.

**Probably not, given how I still bought a pump; bottles, which were totally ignored; and nursing bras and tops, plus the immense quantities of chocolate that were absolutely necessary for milk production.  But, shhhh.  

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