Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vacation: Packing for Baby

I vigorously maintain that babies are far lower maintenance in warmer weather.

So, when packing for vacation, you get to pare down to just the essentials.  A couple of cute onesies, a romper, some swimsuits, a hat and a whole lot of sunscreen.
Packing for Baby

And bloomers.  There is nothing cuter than baby bloomers.

A note about the sunscreen wipes.  I love love love the MD Moms Babysilk Sunscreen Wipes in SPF 30.  They smell heavenly, can be wiped on a squirmy baby, and don't spill in the diaper bag.  However, they are officially not cheap.  Since you should be using sunscreen on your baby at all times, I supplement with Aveeno Baby Sunscreen.  Which reminds me I need to place a massive sunscreen order at Diapers.com...

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