Monday, January 16, 2012

These Booties Were Made for Walking

Once upon a time, when I had a job and no baby, shoe shopping was like Xanax and a glass of wine for me...a pleasant way to relax at the end of a hard day. Nowadays, Xanax and wine is the new shoe shopping.

Kidding! Sort of.

While I don't get to shoe shop in person as much as I used to, I do notice that my purchases are far more calculated. So, when I fell hard for the Water Row booties by Clark's, I had to make sure they would really work with my life. And they do! They are super comfortable for walking around in, even though they have a heel, so I'm happy to take out the stroller during the day wearing them. But! They are stylish enough to wear out in the evening on a date night.

Here are two ways I've worn them in the past few weeks:
Booties, Not for Baby

Booties, Not for Baby 

For Play:  I like to sport a relaxed and simple look for playgroup...I need to be on my knees chasing the baby around, but also want to not look like a slob.  One of the things I love about these booties is that they easily slip on and off (playrooms are usually a "shoes off" environment).  I love my Gap stretchy skinny cords lately, and long sweaters are like oxygen for me these cold days.  I also like wearing a stack of softer bracelets as my accessory...I always feel like actual bangles will fall off or clunk the babies in the head.  I have a bunch of beaded ones, but I really dig this leather cuff.  Hair usually goes up in a ponytail, mostly so my kid can't pull it out.

For Date:  As soon as the baby goes down and the sitter arrives, I've got about 20 minutes to get ready for date night out.  My favorite outfit of late is a lace skirt plus a chambray shirt tucked in with an extra button undone.  True story: when you are a mother, so many people have seen your bra and breasts that you honestly no longer long as your bra is pretty.  While my skirt was black and basically from when time began, I really like the nude color here better.  I paired it with my absolute favorite Topshop 120 Denier black opaque tights and put on a major swipe of red lipstick.  Which is the only accessory needed...because it's all I have time for.

Any purchases you've made lately that you're patting yourself on the back for?

Also, I shamelessly cribbed Capitol Hill Style's "Two Ways" style of Polyvore set.  Cause it's genius.


  1. Girl, you can steal from me any time. If I made a list of all of the times that I've stolen from you a Johanna Cox over the years, I would have to unfurl the scroll.

  2. I love this! I have to admit, I originally found Capitol Hill Barbie through girls are necessities for D.C. women :)

  3. Old Navy- chambray shirts with a stylish look


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