Monday, January 30, 2012

Sneak Peek: Kid Made Modern for Target

Certain pop culture icons will just inherently date you.

So when I was invited to check out Kid Made Modern, a new line of art supplies for Target by Todd Oldham, my first thought was, "Todd Oldham FROM HOUSE OF STYLE?!?"

Which puts me squarely in coming of age in the early 90's.

(raise your hand if you're with me)

If you do not have your hand raised, let me fill you in.  House of Style was the most awesome of awesome shows on MTV hosted by Cindy Crawford covering fashion and lifestyle and also featured "Todd Time" where Todd Oldham would DIY some super cool trend and teach you how to sandpaper your jeans or add safety pins, etc.  He was the original PS I Made This.

Apparently in the 20 years since then, he also wrote a book called "Kid Made Modern," which showcases kid's art projects inspired by modern art movements and artists.  And now, Target and Todd Oldham have produced a line of kits and art supplies based on the projects in the book.

The line includes everything from beads and jewelry making kits to rad printed duct tape to these huge multi-colored crayons seen above.

As I was checking all of this out, there were exactly three thoughts in my head:

1. Why isn't my child old enough to use these things yet!

2. Why do I have to wait until May to buy these as gifts for everyone?

3.  Crap, is Reese choking on those 17 sandwich crackers she shoved in her mouth?

(She wasn't.)

So, the Kid Made Modern line will be out in Target stores in May 2012 and everything will be under $20.  Yeah.  So.  Stock up.  These would make fabulous birthday gifts, amazing things to keep in the closet for a rainy afternoon, and hell, the duct tape is beyond adorable.  Hopefully our children will remember Todd Oldham as the super cool crafty art guy from their childhood and they can all bond over that.

Now who wants to reminisce about Lavar Burton and Reading Rainbow with me?

Disclosure: I received a copy of Kid Made Modern and a super cool giant crayon for attending the sneak preview.  All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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