Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sippy Envy

I had an unusual experience this weekend.

An experienced mom of two complimented me on a piece of baby equipment.  

This is like a senior editor at Vogue telling you that your shoes are cute.

She even asked me where I got it and wrote down the name of the product!  So, what was this miraculous device that inspired such envy?

We found out early on that Reese was much more adept at using a straw than the classic bite and suck sippy cups when she either ended up with milk soaking the front of her shirt and none in her belly.  But give the child a straw and watch her chug down a beverage with the gusto of a freshman frat boy doing a keg stand.

What is so awesome about the Zo-Li cups is that they have a gravity straw, meaning the bottom of the flexible straw is weighted and will follow the liquid, enabling the baby to drink upside-down without spilling. The cup also has nice small handles (for nice small hands) and comes in some cute simple colors.  Which is obviously the most important part.

We got ours at Sprout San Francisco's New York location (confusing much?), but they are easily found online as well.  For anyone who wants to copy me.

PS My only mom advice on these is to stick to water (or juice).  For some reason they do seem to overflow with a more viscous liquid like milk.  It would probably take a PhD level physicist to figure out why, but trust me.  After all, now I'm the more experienced mom in some circles.  Scary stuff.


  1. Go you, mama! Love your writing and your blog, glad I happened to find it...

  2. Thanks! It definitely feels weird to give advice instead of ask for it, but I guess that's what happens! Hope you stick around...


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