Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our New Favorite

We have a lot of classic books that get read over and over, but we just got a new one that I had never heard of but Reese LOVES it.

Like falling on the floor, snorting milk out of her nose, can't catch her breath laughing so hard funny.

The book is very interactive and directs you to do things and you watch these dots shrink and grow and move along the page as you read.

Reese just at the age where she is starting to respond to commands and will do the things the book tells you (press here, blow at the page, clap, etc.) and thinks that shaking the book is just hilarious.

If you have a baby or know a baby around a year of age, I highly recommend this book.

(lots of thanks to Grandma for the present!!)


  1. My almost-two ADORES it! I'm buying it for all of my friends' kids. The best!

  2. I read about it in the NYTimes Book Review and then we received it as a Christmas gift.

  3. Too funny! I actually read this for the first time today with one of my first-graders in our school library. She got the biggest kick out of it, and she was very earnestly following the directions. :)

  4. Isn't it great? The only problem is that she wants to read it over and over again.

  5. I find that they want every book read at least 10x in a row. Hey, let's switch it up!


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