Tuesday, January 10, 2012

From the desk of a new mom...

Dear Reader,

Parenting tip!

(from probably the least qualified person to give one)

If your baby is getting sick, stick to bland foods.  Steer clear of a dinner chock full of raspberries and fish sticks.  Not just because they won't upset your baby's tummy...mostly because if or when they vomit all over you and the bedroom, you won't have massively stained EVERYTHING.

So...back story...fade out....

The baby had a nasty little cold, but nothing I was too worried about.  I fed her said dinner of raspberries and fish sticks and put her to bed.  Cut to 1 A.M. to waking up to a crib full of bright red upchuck.  I swear, I thought the child had Ebola.

In the light of day, I decided I needed to try to salvage her beautiful Dwell Studio sheets which were now stained beyond belief.  Thankfully, I had a bottle of Vaska Spotoff stashed in the closet and hosed down everything the entire family had been wearing or touched the night before.  It was a lot like the scene in Ghostbusters II when they spray everything with the good slime.  I even hummed this while I was doing it.

Vaska is an all natural line of laundry products and is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for babies and people with sensitive skin.  I really liked the spray action as opposed to some stain sticks I've used in the past, it allowed me to take care of this job from a distance.  And, it did a mighty decent job of getting my little Exorcist baby's mess out of her sheets.  Not like brand new, but come on, that was some serious mess.

I've used it since then and have found it definitely works better when you allow it to sit on the fabric for a little while before washing (vomit laundry was thrown in immediately..can you blame me?).  Hopefully I won't need it on another big job like that!

So, in summary, always keep stain spray on hand and stick to Cheerios, toast and noodles when babies are sick.

Love ya!  Bye!

product sample was provided for editorial consideration, all opinions expressed are my own.

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