Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dry as the Desert

A pregnancy is a little bit like a car accident for your body.

You know, you get in a wreck, your car spends some time in the shop and comes out in pretty good shape.  Maybe they even fixed a couple of things that weren't damaged in the accident.  But some things are still off.  That rattle sound you heard once in a while?  Louder.  The paint job might start to flake in certain areas...you know.  It's just not the same car it used to be.

Welcome to your post-baby body!

For me, the rattle that got louder was my skin tone.  I've always had dry skin, especially in the winter, but it got much worse after I had a baby.  In fact, it got so bad it necessitated a trip to a dermatologist who gave me some great tips that I thought I could share.

Change your body wash.  My derm gave me the long pause when I said I used Dove body wash.  I started filling in with, it's just soap! but he cut me off.  For really dry skin, you need something super gentle and he recommended CeraVe or Cetaphil.  It's not pretty or scented, but it definitely keeps the dryness at bay.

Turn down the water temp.  This is really hard for me, since a hot shower is one of my few favorite things in the winter.  I'm trying.

Aquaphor.  This stuff is nothing short of amazing.  I wash my hands about a billion times a day since I'm chasing around a little germbug.  My derm recommended using it every time after I wash my hands, but then the baby gets really slippery, so I at least try to do it at night.  It definitely helps.

Fortify before you sanitize.  This was one we had already taken care of.  The derm recommended that if we used any hand sanitizers (the accessory of choice for mothers everywhere!) that they include aloe or another moisturizing ingredient.  As a doctor himself, my husband is a connoisseur of sanitizing agents and was put in charge of purchasing ours when the baby was born.  He went with Purell with Aloe and we also have enough to last through the next 7 SARS outbreaks.

So, with a few tips, I've been trying to get my skin back under control and get used to my body's new quirks after our little "wreck."  Anyone else notice weird little things popping up after you had a baby? Anything get much better after baby?

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