Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Challenge: Accepted

Everyone needs a little inspiration and motivation to get them moving once in a while.

February is kind of a weird month - short, cold, and with a rando holiday stuck in there.

So, I've decided to play along with the February Photo A Day Challenge from fat mum slim.

Here's the deal.

I'll be taking a picture that meets the description above every day in February and posting it to Instagram.  I'll also try to do a weekly wrap-up on the blog for those who don't follow Instagram.

(For those who are all, what's Instagram? It's a photosharing app that has all these cool features that make sucky photographers like me look like they can actually take a decent pic. And you can follow people. I post mostly pictures of the coffee I drink and my kid, but most people post photos of their shoes.)

You can also see what other people are posting through the hashtag #febphotoaday.

So...it's ON.

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