Monday, December 5, 2011

Pulling The Trigger

I have trouble actually making a purchase.  Even if it's something I *know* I want and have considered carefully.

For the entire fall, I've been getting dressed and thinking to myself..."You know what would make this outfit much better?  An army green jacket."

And then I would go out on the street and see all these cute army green jackets.  They made the wearers look so tough and cool.  Like they were ready for urban warfare.  I mean, strollers are built like tanks these days.

I went home and pinned a bunch of them.  Some are dusty green and a little too light for the weather, some are insulated and I was worried I'd be too warm.  I knew I wanted something a little less M*A*S*H and a little more Band of Brothers.

Then I thought some more.

Can you see where this is going?

I finally found one that fit what I wanted.

It's tough, but cool.  Lightweight, but pretty warm.  Great pockets for socks that go flying, my cell phone, gloves and an emergency Mum Mum for long walks.  It makes me feel like I'm ready to do battle with the day.

My sister got the same jacket in blue, without hesitation.  She obviously has no problem pulling the trigger.


  1. I have this problem of late as well! Maybe it's mommy related? I used to buy without hesitation!! Now I think about it's sustainability in my closet & it takes me days to decide to purchase anything. Black Friday/Cyber Monday were torturous this year bc of this!

  2. Yes! I loaded up online carts and then never bought a thing.


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