Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pretty in Pleats

A few weeks ago, I had the chance (meaning my husband took one for the team and watched football while the baby slept) to hit up the Rebecca Minkoff sample sale on the opening night.

It was everything I had hoped for...expect for the extremely long line.

Like looong.

Like, The Odyssey and Ulysses long.

So I had a lot of time to check out what everyone else was wearing.  And listen to one girl yammer on for hours about which bag she was going to get.

One girl struck me as particularly cute, wearing a lightweight, accordion pleated skirt with a chunkier knit sweater.

Pleats please.

The contrast between the textures was super cute, but also transitional weather appropriate.  I thought it could also be easily worn on a nice walk with the baby, albeit one where I didn't feed her sweet potatoes or anything.

I paired it here with burgundy tights and some chunky ankle boots, but I think a pair of knee high boots would also be killer.  Gives it a little Stevie Nicks-ish vibe.  I also thought it would be a nice way to wear my new acquisition from the sale...the Rebecca Minkoff MAC Clutch in a cognac leather.

A little inspiration and the bag made the epically long line worth it.  I wonder if that girl behind me ever pulled the trigger on hers...

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