Friday, November 18, 2011

The Wonderful World, Redux

I'm going to start this post with a denial. 

I am emphatically NOT pregnant. 

But I do think this dress is cute.

I just know a lot of people are, were just, or are probably going to be really soon.  So, I thought I would revisit some of my earlier posts on maternity fashion.

Back when the baby was in the inside and I could balance a cup of coffee on my belly, I wrote about my frustrations with maternity shopping, plus some of my solutions over on my old blog, Capitol Hill Barbie.

For easy access:

The Wonderful World of Maternity: Part 1

The Wonderful World of Maternity: Part 3

I still stand behind everything, but I have a few updates.

First, I would like to heartily recommend Asos' maternity section.  It's vast and trendy, plus with free shipping and free returns, you can avoid the dressing room and make your decisions in the comfort of your own home.

Second, for those looking for new labels and a seasoned eye, I recommend The Pregnant Fashionista and Ain't No Mom Jeans.  All of these ladies have been through multiple pregnancies and know what works and what doesn't.  While their recommendations are on the pricier side, I agree with their philosophy of "cost per wear."  When you are growing and your closet options are shrinking, you get a lot of wear out of each item.  It makes sense to invest in the best when you can.

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