Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out Like A Light

It's pretty rare that I get out by myself during the week.  Just me.  No Baby Bjorn.  No stroller.  No diaper bag with enough stuff to keep a small person entertained-fed-amused-dry for at least 4 hours.

Just me.

But tonight, I'm taking advantage of the fact that this November seems to be chock-full of sample sales and hitting the two I deem the best of the bunch.

Rebecca Minkoff's sale is allegedly super-spectacular and sweet.  I'm hoping to scoop up an iPad case, a new pair of flats and maybe one of her amazeballs purses.

Hanky Panky makes some of the best underwear you'll ever put your legs through.  Pretty, soft, easy and the only underwear that fit the entire ten months of pregnancy (who told you it was nine?  it's not.)  Last year, my mom went and gave me a bunch of their classic thongs about 6 weeks after I gave birth.  I think I might have actually cried, I was so excited to have new underwear.  True story.

That, combined with a nice girls-only dinner?  Worth the weeks of schlepping around a 4 ton diaper bag.


  1. Oh, to be in NYC! DC just isn't the same...or maybe I don't know where to look?

  2. This month is crazy for sample sales! If I had more money and time, I could *really* do some damage. However, DC has the District Sample Sale twice a year, and I used to be able to scout some great stuff on sale at Hu's or Muleh at the end of the season.


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