Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Grocery Chic

Grocery shopping with a baby is a lot harder than I thought it would be.

First, I got over the initial hump of figuring out how to actually transport the child and carry groceries (I used the Bjorn in Pittsburgh when I had a car, but in New York when I have to carry the bags all the way home, I use the stroller).

Now that I'm used to that part of it, there is still limited amount of time I can spend in the store before Reese starts to wig out and cause a scene.  So my shopping trips end up resembling an episode of that old show "Supermarket Sweep," where I run around frantically trying to remember everything I needed and throw it in the cart and check out before the screaming begins.

Inevitably, I get home and smack my head since I forgot at least three key food items and send my husband an email asking him to stop on the way home.

Last week, I saw a woman I recognized at Fairway.  She is in our swim class with her younger son and always seems to be able to get the baby and herself changed after class with minimal freak outs and leaves with good hair.  She has probably sold her soul to the Devil in exchange for such skills, and I would do the same.

So, she was calmly strolling around the store and looked impossibly chic.  Nothing revolutionary: black skinny jeans, button down, long black cardigan, flats, her son's backpack.  But she looked great.

Grocery Chic

She probably got everything on her list too.

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